Unprecedented Investment In Schools and Leisure Facilities in Whitehaven

Copeland MP Jamie Reed has described the proposals for new schools and leisure facilities in Whitehaven as an “unprecedented commitment” to the town’s future.
Plans for a new education campus and community sports facilities in Whitehaven were announced today with the confirmation that the necessary multi-million pound funding package is now in place enabling the project to move to a more detailed planning phase, including consultation with the local school communities.
The unprecedented £33million investment will come from a range of partners including Britian’s Energy Coast, Copeland Community Fund, Cumbria County Council, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and Sellafield Ltd. 
The campus proposal will include new state of the art facilities for St Benedict’s Catholic High School and Mayfield Special School and bring them together on the current St Benedict’s site replacing the existing buildings and radically improving the teaching and learning environment.
In addition, the proposal includes new sports provision on the campus site as well as new and refurbished facilities at Whitehaven Sports Centre.

Copeland MP, Jamie Reed said:

I’ve been working to deliver new schools and town centre regeneration in Whitehaven for years and today’s announcement represents an unprecedented commitment to the future success of the town and a new and better relationship with the nuclear industry.
“When the government withdrew the funding we had secured for secondary schools, the situation looked bleak, but local partners have stepped up to the plate to replace the funding and back the vision for the future of the town. I doubt that there will be a similar partnership arrangement anywhere in the country and I’m incredibly grateful to all of those partners for their patience, support and efforts in making this happen. Collectively, we have toiled for a long time to deliver this project.
“The proposal will ensure that more of our young people can access the knowledge and skills they need to benefit from the investments coming our way, but more than this, to achieve excellence in our schools, so that local students can fulfil their individual potential and so that we can grow the local economy. I want the whole of Copeland to be seen as a place to invest in and as a place where everyone can fulfil their ambitions. This is the scale of this project’s importance and alongside Albion Square and other planned investments, it represents a turning point for Whitehaven.
“Copeland is looking at a remarkable future and the evidence is growing. New schools, a new hospital, new nuclear investments. We’re building a new and exciting community and our best days are ahead of us.

“But we do not stop here. I will continue to work alongside every other school in Copeland to help them to secure the investments they also need. Education is the key to our success, every child is of equal value and there is still a huge amount of work to be done.”

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