Local MP Slams Government’s NHS Recruitment Halt

Copeland MP and Shadow Health Minister Jamie Reed has condemned the Government’s reported plans to halt all but essential NHS staff recruitment.

In a letter to the Secretary of State for Health, Jamie Reed outlined the problems that North Cumbria University Hospitals Trust has faced over recent years.  Various reports by the Care Quality Commission and by Sir Bruce Keogh, who conducted an investigation on care at the Trust, have highlighted staff shortages as a major issue.

Jamie Reed has written to the Government on numerous occasions asking them to provide support to the Trust to improve recruitment, but on each occasion, the Government have refused or ignored the request.

Now, at a time of increasing demand, Monitor and the Trust Development Authority, bodies that oversee the work of NHS Trusts and Foundation Trusts, have issued a letter explaining that recruitment should only take place if absolutely essential.

Copeland MP and Labour’s Shadow Health Minister, Jamie Reed MP said:

“How can a Trust in special measures with underlying recruitment issues be expected to improve if the Government are now telling them they cannot recruit?  That the Government will not give support to North Cumbria University Hospitals Trust to alleviate the recruitment crisis is shameful enough, but actively preventing the Trust from recruiting is downright indefensible.

“The Conservative Government have made it harder for the NHS to recruit staff.  In Cumbria, we are seeing increasing instances of work-related stress, increasing unpaid overtime and a shocking increasing in work place bullying.  Our doctors and nurses are working tirelessly to improve care in Cumbria, but the Government is refusing to give them the support they need.

“Instead of preventing the Trust from recruiting the staff it badly needs, the Government should be giving the NHS in Cumbria the tools and support it requires and deserves to improve patient care.  Once again, it will be patients paying the price of Government failure.”

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