Local MP uncovers decline in rail spending in the North West

Copeland MP, Jamie Reed, has uncovered falling investment in rail in the North West of England. In response to a Parliamentary Question tabled by Mr Reed, the Government have admitted that Government expenditure on railways in the North West has fallen from £97 per head of population in 2009/10 to just £85 in 2013/14. This is a decline of over 12% and the North West now receives £14 per head less than the UK average of £99.

In comparison, Government spending in Yorkshire and the Humber has increased by over 5%, whilst spending in London stands at £298 per head of population, a staggering difference to the £85 spent in the North West.

Government spending on rail per head of population (source: answer to PQ 7811):

North West
Yorkshire & Humber

Copeland MP and Labour’s Shadow Health Minister, Jamie Reed MP said:

“The Government must now recognise the growing economic potential of the North West and particularly West Cumbria by pledging immediate investment is transport and infrastructure.

“With thousands of new jobs coming to the area, it is important that our railways are prepared for future usage.

“The decision to reduce spending per head on rail in the region is an unacceptable example of the way this Government has failed to recognise the needs of Cumbria. Locally, we are trying to build a 21st century economy, but are limited by the 20th century infrastructure.  Our best days are ahead of us, but for us to reach our economic potential, the Government must invest in our key infrastructure.

“I am calling on the Government to acknowledge and to invest in our region, one of the fastest growing sub regional economies which is in clear need of improved infrastructure”.

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