Growing Pay Gap in Copeland

Official figures reveal that men working in Copeland earn on average 28% more than women each week. This difference is notably higher than the gap of 18% across Great Britain.
Whilst male full time workers in Copeland earn an average of £840.50 each week, female full time workers earn over £230 less, at £606.30 per week. This equates to women in Copeland earning £11,241.60 per year less than men. Based on a 40 year working lifetime, this could mean that women working full time in Copeland will earn on average £449,664 less than men during the course of their lifetime. To make up for this difference, women would need to work another 15 years beyond retirement.
Jamie Reed MP has raised his concerns about the growing gap in average pay between men and women in Copeland. Whilst the gap in Great Britain fell between 2013 and 2014 by 0.2%, the gap rose over the same period in Copeland by 6%.
Gross weekly pay for full-time workers by workplace 2014 (Source: Office for National Statistics)

Copeland (pounds)
North West (pounds)
Great Britain (pounds)
Full time workers
Male full time workers
Female full time workers
Copeland MP and Labour’s Shadow Health Minister, Jamie Reed MP said:

“Immediate action must be taken to ensure that unacceptable and widening gender pay gap in Copeland is closed.

“Women in Copeland and the UK are losing out because of the scandalous pay gap and I am particularly concerned that it is worsening for women in Copeland. It is clear that the Government have not taken the necessary action to tackle issues relating to equal pay for men and women and it is unacceptable that the widening gender pay gap in Copeland has happened on this Government’s watch.

“The last Labour Government introduced a number of measures to support equal opportunities for men and women in the workplace and we have seen the gender pay gap steadily narrowing as a result. It is important that we prevent the Government from squandering this good work. Steps must be taken to close the gap completely, but instead they are allowing it to widen significantly in Copeland.

“I will be writing to the Minister for Women and Equalities to ask her to take immediate steps to tackle the issue.”

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