Copeland MP Votes Against ‘Draconian’ Trades Unions Bill

Copeland MP, Jamie Reed last night voted against the Second Reading of the Government’s Trade Union Bill.

Conservative MP, David Davis had described the provisions within the bill as draconian.

The bill, if passed, would put a number of restrictions on workers including those working on nuclear decommissioning and management of radioactive waste and spent fuel as well as health workers.

Copeland MP, Jamie Reed, has described the bill as a ‘cynical attempt to make it harder to achieve good industrial relations.’

Copeland MP, Jamie Reed MP said:

“The decommissioning work at Sellafield is of strategic national importance.  The Government’s plans to restrict the democratic right for workers to withdraw their labour. 

“These workers perform in one of the most hazardous and hostile environments in the world and good industrial relations are essential.  The restrictions placed on workers in the Trade Union Bill are a cynical attempt to make it harder to achieve good industrial relations.  These plans make it harder for workers and harder for management.

“Workers will still be shocked that nuclear decommissioning has been singled out in this manner and this is why I voted against the Bill and I will continue to urge Ministers to amend the bill.  To get a better deal for workers and a better deal for management, Ministers need to meet with key stakeholders and amend this bad bill.”


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