New West Cumberland Hospital “an Amazing Facility”

Copeland MP Jamie Reed has hailed the new West Cumberland Hospital as an “amazing facility” following a three hour walk through the new building, covering almost two miles, today.
He said:
“I pledged to build a new West Cumberland Hospital when I was first elected in 2005. It has been a long and difficult journey to reach this point and there is still work to be done regarding services, but the whole community – public, patients and medical professionals should be proud of what we have achieved. The new West Cumberland Hospital is an amazing facility – probably the best in the county – and is capable of providing us with the services that we need, want and deserve.
“I’m assured that there will not be any hiccups when the new hospital opens on Monday, but I expect that there will be and I hope that everyone will give the staff on the front lines and in the back offices the time and space to make the transition as smoothly as possible.
“Despite being hard won, this new hospital is a precious gift for all of us and we should treat it accordingly.
“In tandem with the new hospital, we are developing the West Cumberland Medical Education Campus with the University of Central Lancashire at Westlakes so that we can ‘grow our own’ medics, integrate care and improve healthcare at every level.
“Earlier this year, I invited the NHS Chief Executive, Simon Stevens to visit Cumbria with a view to developing a comprehensive recovery plan for the local NHS. This visit takes place tomorrow and I hope to be able to secure support from the NHS for our area to become a UK leader in developing new and innovative models of healthcare specifically tailored to providing high quality universal health care in areas like Cumbria. What works in Whitehall or Manchester won’t work in Whitehaven or Millom and this has to be recognised and accepted by hospital service providers. Areas like ours need the right resources and support to be able to develop ways of tailoring these services to properly fit and reflect the environment they are provided in.

“If we can get this right here, we can blaze a trail for every other area like ours outside of the major metropolitan areas of our country.”

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