Copeland MP Slams Police Cuts

Jamie Reed has criticised plans to cut £26 million from the police budget in Cumbria.  Figures published by the county’s Police and Crime Commissioner shows that with this latest round of cuts, overall police budgets in Cumbria will have been cut by £46 million over the ten-year period to 2019/20.

Using Parliamentary Questions, Jamie Reed has raised this issue with the Government directly.  He has called on the Chancellor and the Home Secretary to protect police budgets in Cumbria.  In advance of the Comprehensive Spending Review planned in November, which is expected to cut police budgets in Cumbria by £11 million, the Copeland MP has asked the Chancellor to use the review to protect police budgets.

He has also called on the Home Secretary to ensure that there isn’t a reduction in police numbers.  This comes after figures uncovered by the Copeland MP, Jamie Reed revealed crime rates in Copeland have risen since 2010.

Copeland MP, Jamie Reed said:

“Cuts of this magnitude could seriously undermine the viability of effective policing in Cumbria.  Neighbourhood policing is under immense pressure already since 2011, there are 20% fewer Community Support Officers undertaking neighbourhood policing roles.

“The Police in Cumbria provide a service upon which we all rely.  They work tirelessly in increasingly testing circumstances.  We all depend on them to keep our streets and our communities safe.  Cuts of this scale are simply indefensible and the Government must look again.

“I’ve called on the Chancellor to make sure funding is available for the police service in Cumbria and I’ve asked the Home Secretary to ensure that the number of police is not cut.  There is clear opposition to this planned cut and I will be pressuring the Government to think again.”

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