Hospital Trust Board told: ‘Commit to services or resign’

Jamie Reed MP has again written to the Chief Executive of North Cumbria University Hospitals Trust, Ann Farrar, over the future of services at West Cumberland Hospital.
This comes after staff were told of the possibility of downgrading the A&E unit at the West Cumberland Hospital to a ‘minor injuries unit’ despite the Trust being told that this is unacceptable by the Chief Executive of the NHS in England, Simon Stevens.
The Copeland MP’s letter seeks reassurances from the Trust that they will commit to the Success Regime – a comprehensive new framework for improving care and ensuring the viability of services in the region – and that the Trust will ‘abandon any and all pre-conceived service reductions planned for the West Cumberland Hospital until the Success Regime is concluded.’
In his letter, Jamie Reed says that without these assurances, he will regrettably request the resignation of the Trust Board.
Copeland MP, Jamie Reed said:
“The ongoing issues facing North Cumbria University Hospitals Trust are well documented.  Hardworking doctors and nurses are doing all they can in testing circumstances to improve the care we and our loved ones receive – they should be commended.
“We know there are serious underlying problems facing the Trust and that is why I have worked tirelessly over the last ten years to secure services for our community.  Earlier this year, I wrote to Simon Stevens asking him to work with me in order to develop a recovery plan for health services in Cumbria.  As a result of this request, the Success Regime was established.  This new framework is an opportunity to address longstanding issues and to build high quality sustainable health services for our area.
“The Trust Board must take this opportunity, by working with the Success Regime, by committing fully to its processes and outcomes and by abandoning any pre-conceived plans to reduce services at the West Cumberland Hospital.  If they fail to take this opportunity, they should step aside to allow us to build a new model of healthcare in West Cumbria.”

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