Copeland MP Backs Trident Renewal

Image courtesy of Richard Moss
In a debate on the future of Trident, Copeland MP, Jamie Reed has voted to renew Britain’s independent continuous-at-sea nuclear deterrent.

During the debate, Jamie Reed reiterated his commitment to maintaining Britain’s independent capability.  The deterrent would be carried by submarines that are due to be constructed in Barrow.

Thousands of jobs in West and South Cumbria are reliant on the renewal of the Trident system.  In his contribution to the debate, Jamie Reed said:

“The expertise amassed over 70 years in Copeland and throughout West and South Cumbria has cemented our place as world leaders in nuclear technology and knowledge.  It has provided a basis of highly skilled jobs that has set communities up to benefit from vast private sector investment such as new nuclear reactors in my constituency.  This position as world leaders has been hard earned through decades of work in the nuclear industry.  Maintaining these skills and this expertise is crucial to the economic well-being and growth of my constituency.

As part of his speech, Jamie Reed also spoke about the principle of maintaining an independent nuclear deterrent. He said:

“While ever other nations have nuclear weapons, so should we.  This is not about bravado or international one-upmanship.  It is a clear demonstration of strength and capability which provides the deterrence.  Though the threat from other nation states has reduced over the last few decades, only the most naïve would say that it has fully diminished.  While there are nuclear weapons in the world, the only effective deterrent is maintaining our own independent nuclear weapons.

Finally, the Copeland MP outlined what maintaining an independent deterrent means for Britain’s standing in the world:

“We have to approach the world as we find, not how we would will it to be.  To vote against the renewal of Trident is to vote to potentially put thousands of people out of work, to waste knowledge and expertise amassed over decades, to neglect our duties to our allies, to potentially diminish Britain’s ability to defend ourselves and to certainly diminish our standing in the world.

Britain has proudly punched above our weight on the world stage for centuries.  We are a global leader.  We should not step back from this responsibility.”

Copeland MP, Jamie Reed said:

“In May, I stood and was elected on a manifesto committing the Labour Party to renewing Trident.  This policy is right for Britain, right for our international obligations and, crucially, right for West and South Cumbria.

“The nuclear expertise developed in our communities has amassed over decades. These skills make us world leaders in nuclear engineering and maintaining these skills is crucial to the economic well-being of our community.

“As a matter of protecting our nation, as a matter of undertaking our obligations to our international allies and maintaining our standing in the world and as a matter of protecting the economic wellbeing of our community, voting for the renewal of Britain’s independent nuclear deterrent is the right thing to do.”