Copeland MP Pledges ‘Forensic Scrutiny’ on Syria

As the Prime Minister presented his case for British military intervention in Syria, Copeland MP, Jamie Reed has promised forensic scrutiny of the proposals.

The Prime Minister is asking MPs to support extending existing air strikes against ISIL in Iraq into Syria and presented his case in a statement in the House of Commons.

Jamie Reed has called for a comprehensive plan for dealing with ISIL in Syria arguing that military intervention will not be enough alone to defeat the terrorist organisation.  Mr Reed has argued that a comprehensive humanitarian, political and diplomatic strategy is crucial to ensure success of any military intervention.

This comes as the Church of England Synod voted to support intervention earlier this week.  On passing the motion, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, said that armed action was almost inevitable and that the forces driving people to become refugees had to be confronted.

Copeland MP, Jamie Reed said:

“The repercussions of the cowardly attacks on the people of Paris are still being felt throughout Europe and around the world.  This is just the latest atrocity in a long series, all perpetrated by the fascists of ISIL.  We should stand shoulder to shoulder with France and all those affected by these shameful attacks.

“The first priority of any Government must be to protect their citizens.  It is now beyond doubt that ISIL represent a threat to our national security and the safety of British people.  Nowhere was the demonstrated more clearly than with the horrifying murder of British tourists in Tunisia recently.

“The Government has brought forward their plans and these warrant serious and forensic scrutiny.  Military action alone will not defeat ISIL, but the chances of a purely political, non-military solution are slim.  Only by engaging with partners in the region to put in place an effective and diplomatic transition to rebuild Syria whilst also degrading ISIL’s capacity to wage terror can we reduce the risk of an attack on the UK.

“Our country cannot afford to get this wrong and it is now the responsibility of everyone in Parliament to take the time to go through the Government’s proposals, line by line, to ensure that we get this right.  The decision to commit our servicemen and women to a theatre of conflict is never an easy one and it is not a responsibility I bear lightly.  Because of this, I will take my time to ensure the Government’s proposals receive the level of scrutiny that is necessary.