Number of Classroom Teachers in Copeland Falls

  • The number of Full-Time Equivalent classroom teachers in Copeland has fallen by 5% since 2010
  • The total number of teachers has fallen by over 5% since 2010
  • The average of mean salaries across all schools in Copeland has fallen by over £5,000 per year in real terms since 2010

New analysis by Jamie Reed has shown that the number of classroom teachers in Copeland has fallen since November 2010.  Five years ago, there were 520.1 full-time equivalent classroom teachers in Copeland, but this has fallen to 495.6 – a fall of almost 5%.

The overall number of teachers in Copeland schools has also fallen under this Government.  In November 2010, there were 695.  This has fallen by 36 to 659.

Analysis of the figures has also shown that over the same period, teachers in Copeland have had a real-terms pay cut of around 12%, or over £5,000.  In cash terms, wages have risen by £257 over the last 4 years, but when inflation is taken into account, this is a real-terms cut of £5,111.

These figures have been confirmed by an answer to a Parliamentary Question.

Copeland MP, Jamie Reed said:

“From early-years intervention to university age students, the Government are making it harder for our young people to get the education and gain the skills they need.  At a time of increasing workload and increasing pressure, it is our children that will pay the price of the under-recruitment of staff.

“Teachers are working tirelessly to provide a great education to our young people, but as the number of teachers fall and workload rises, the Government is pushing them to breaking point.

“Recently, we have secured unprecedented investment in education in our community and the Government must step up to boost recruitment.  Disastrous reforms have turned people away from teaching and the Government must do more to encourage people to enter the profession.”