REVEALED: Scale of Government Cuts to Education in Cumbria

  • Copeland MP uncovers scale of cuts
  • Funding per pupil in Cumbria has fallen in each year since 2010
  • Capital Funding has fallen by £60 million despite multiple requests for funding
  • Pupil Premium funding also set to fall
Jamie Reed, Member of Parliament for Copeland has uncovered the scale of the cuts the Government has imposed on education in Cumbria since taking office in 2010.

When adjusted for inflation, funding per pupil in Cumbria was £5,210 in 2010/11.  By 2012/13, this had fallen to £5,000 per pupil.  In 2013, the funding system changed and now funding is allocated through blocks.  The current dedicated schools grant for schools in Cumbria has fallen again under the new system from £4,513 in 2013/14 to £4,449 in 2014/15.

Further to this, Jamie Reed MP has uncovered the scale of the cuts to capital funding for schools in Cumbria since 2010.  In 2009/10, £83.3 million was allocated to Cumbria for capital funding and by 2014/15, this had fallen to £24.2 million.

Figures also show that Pupil Premium funding is set to be cut from £16.095 million in 2014/15 to £15.918 million this year.  The Pupil Premium targets funding at pupils from the most deprived backgrounds to help them achieve their full potential.

This comes as figures recently uncovered by Jamie Reed show a reduction in classroom teachers.

Copeland MP, Jamie Reed said:

“West Cumbria’s brightest days are ahead of us.  To allow our young people to take advantage of the opportunities coming our way, Government must invest in education from early-years intervention through to universities.

“These funding figures show that the Government are taking things backwards.  Teachers work incredibly hard to provide high quality education for our children, but they must be given the tools they need to succeed.  That capital funding has been drastically cut is shameful when I and others have repeatedly called for funding to be made available to improve, rebuild and refurbish local schools.

“Locally, we have secured unprecedented investment in education without a penny of Government funding.  They must now step up, play their part and give schools in Cumbria the funding they need to equip our young people with the skills they need to succeed.”