‘One Stop’ Advice Surgery in Keswick

Copeland MP, Jamie Reed, is to hold an emergency ‘one stop’ advice surgery in Keswick on Friday 18th December, 2015 to ensure that local residents hit by the recent floods have access to the advice, information and support they need to get back onto their feet.
The advice surgery will be held upstairs at the Moot Hall in Keswick.  It will be held from 11am to 3pm.  As well as the one stop advice surgery this Friday, representatives of Allerdale Borough Council, the Town Council and Cumbria County Council are also located in the Moot Hall to offer advice to local residents
For those who are unable to access key online services, there are terminals with access to wi-fi so residents can come along to access the internet.  Temporary food distribution centres are also open in the town.
Copeland MP, Jamie Reed said:
“As the clean up operation gets fully underway and families, businesses and communities are working to get back on their feet, it is important that local residents are able to get access to the information they need.
“In order to make sure people can access the support they need, I’ll be hosting an emergency advice surgery in order to bring together representatives of the Borough and County Council.
“It will take a great deal of work and coordination for our communities to get back on their feet.  By bringing all levels of local governance together, we can ensure those who need support, get it.”