SYRIA: Copeland MP Calls for Refugee Support

As the Supporting Syria and the Region Conference meets in London, West Cumbrian MP, Jamie Reed has repeated his calls for more support to be given to those refugee040216 Syrian Refugeess fleeing the horrors of Assad and ISIL/Daesh.

Prior to the vote on extending military action in Iraq against ISIL/Daesh into Syria, Jamie Reed called on the Prime Minister to put in place a proper plan for supporting refugees that are being displaced in Syria.  The Copeland MP also raised the issue of displaced people in Syria and what the UK is doing to support them.

Following the summit in London, Jamie Reed has again repeated this call and has submitted Parliamentary Questions urging the Government to look again.

According to Supporting Syria and the Region, there are over 6.5 million internally displaced peoples in Syria and millions of refugees in surrounding countries.

Copeland MP, Jamie Reed said:

“It is right that the UK plays a leading role in supporting refugees who are fleeing the horrors of Assad and Daesh.  UK intervention in Syria is making progress in the fight against ISIL/Daesh, but, as a nation, we must do everything in our power to give assistance to those civilians who need help. 

“I have repeatedly called on the Government to do all it can to ensure refugees have the support they need.  Britain has a proud history of providing safe haven for those fleeing persecution and terror and the Government’s commitment to take just 20,000 refugees is shamefully low.

“The Government should use the Supporting Syria and the Region Conference to look again at the support Britain is giving and commit to doing more.”