Great North Children’s Hospital Coming to West Cumbria

West Cumbrian MP, Jamie Reed has welcomed the announcement by North Cumbria University05022016 GNCH Hospitals Trust that the Great North Children’s Hospital in Newcastle is aiming to bring expertise and specialist services to West, North and East Cumbria.

The announcement by the Trust will see children in West Cumbria access specialists from the Great North Children’s Hospital in West Cumbria.  The Trust are also clear that the partnership will link into the ongoing work of the Success Regime.

West Cumbrian MP, Jamie Reed said:

“Today’s announcement will see children across our area accessing some of the very best care available and accessing it right here in West Cumbria.  This collaborative working should be welcomed by everyone.  Bringing high level expertise into our local hospitals will give everyone a boost and this partnership has the potential to be a blueprint to how innovative partnerships can address the challenges we face.  However, no one should be under any illusion of how much hard work is still ahead of us.

“Everyone in West Cumbria will want to see the very best treatment for children available in our local hospital and local clinics and this announcement by the Trust is a step in the right direction.  It is important for the Trust, the CCG and for the community to work together to ensure the very best healthcare possible is available in our part of the world.