West Cumbrian MP Urges Colleagues to Back Trident Renewal

09022016 TridentCopeland MP, Jamie Reed has written to all Labour MPs, including members of the Shadow Cabinet and the Leader of the Labour Party, urging them to back the renewal of Britain’s nuclear capabilities.

In his letter to colleagues, the Copeland MP outlines Labour’s key role in creating the UK’s civil nuclear industry and military nuclear deterrent and urges his colleagues to back the parliamentary motion he has tabled.  Recent polling suggests that as many as 70% of the public are opposed to Britain unilaterally giving up nuclear capabilities.

Within this context, Jamie Reed MP’s motion sets out the principle, practical and economic reasons for renewing Trident:

The full text of Jamie Reed MP’s motion:

That this House supports the renewal of Trident; recognises the UK’s international obligations as a nuclear power within NATO; further recognises that maintaining nuclear capabilities while potentially dangerous nations have or are developing their own nuclear capabilities with the potential to do damage to the UK and UK citizens is essential to national security; acknowledges that it is the responsibility of the Government to protect national security and that this responsibility should not be abdicated to our allies; recognises the economic importance of renewing Trident, especially to those communities where it is planned to be built; and further acknowledges that the most effective and credible route towards international nuclear disarmament is best served by a multilateral approach.

This comes as Jamie Reed MP has made clear that he would stand on a pro-nuclear deterrent, Labour platform in future elections.  In an interview with the Sunday Times, the Copeland MP said: “This isn’t just about nuclear weapons, it’s about understanding the challenges of the 21st century, about our global influence, about our ability to project our soft power and about how we see ourselves.”

Copeland MP, Jamie Reed said:

“At the last General Election, I stood on a pledge to renew and maintain the UK’s independent nuclear capability.  Renewing Trident is right for Britain, right for our international obligations as part of NATO and, crucially, right for West and South Cumbria.

“We, as a nation, cannot expect to play a leading role in the world if we are willing to place the burden of our own national security on the shoulders of our allies.  We should not be willing to sub-contract our security to others.  Labour has a proud history in Government of creating and maintaining our nuclear capabilities and a proud history in working towards multilateral international disarmament.

“We should be under no illusion that Britain faces serious threats in the world and maintaining an independent nuclear deterrent is crucial for many reasons such as protecting our nation, maintaining our obligations to our allies and as a matter for protecting the economic wellbeing of our community.”