West Cumbrian MP: “Tidal Lagoon Essential Part of Energy Mix”

10022016 Tidal LagoonThe Copeland MP, Jamie Reed has re-iterated his support for Tidal Lagoon projects as a key part of the UK’s energy mix and key to the economic prosperity of West Cumbria.

The Department for Energy and Climate Change have announced a review into the feasibility and practicality of tidal lagoon energy in the UK.  This will include the Tidal Power Ltd project planned for the Solway Firth.

  • According to the Department for Energy and Climate Change, the review will consider:
  • An assessment of whether, and in what circumstances, tidal lagoons could play a cost effective role as part of the UK energy mix;
  • The potential scale of opportunity in the UK and internationally, including supply chain opportunities;
  • A range of possible structures for financing tidal lagoons;
  • Different sizes of projects as the first of a kind;
  • Whether a competitive framework could be put in place for the delivery of tidal lagoon projects.

This review comes as it is reported that talks between Government and Tidal Power Ltd over a tidal lagoon project in Swansea have stalled.

Copeland MP, Jamie Reed said:

“West Cumbria is already a world leader in the energy sector and will play an increasingly larger role in energy generation in the years to come.  With new nuclear build and a host of renewable projects, West Cumbria’s place as the engine of Britain – in power generation and in economic growth – should be assured.

“Tidal power is an exciting new technology that has the potential to play a big role in the future of energy generation and while this review is important, the Government must not use it as an opportunity to kick tidal lagoon projects into the long grass; we need them as soon as possible.

“The benefits of a tidal lagoon project in West Cumbria are clear.  It would place the region at the forefront of technological innovation, would further strengthen our world class skills base and provide thousands of jobs.”

“Taken with Moorside, the Solway Firth project would make us more nationally and strategically important to national prosperity than ever before.  I’ll do everything I can to ensure this project succeeds.”