West Cumbrian MP Urges Government Rethink on Nuclear Workers Restrictions

10022015 TU BillThe Member of Parliament for Copeland, Jamie Reed has urged the Government to think again about the restrictions the Trade Union Bill will put on nuclear decommissioning workers at Sellafield.

As part of the Government’s plans, nuclear decommissioning workers will face greater restrictions on their democratic right to strike that almost every other industry in the country.

Jamie Reed has written to the Government calling for the restrictions that the Bill places on nuclear decommissioning workers to be removed, citing that good industrial relations between management and workforce is vital for productivity and effective operation of the site.

In his letter to the Government he said:

I wrote to you last summer expressing concerns that the Trade Union Bill as drafted could sour the partnership between the nuclear workforce and its management.  This deterioration of this relationship has the potential to seriously undermine the national decommissioning mission, hamper recruitment, extend project timescales and hugely increase costs to the taxpayer

Copeland MP, Jamie Reed said:

“No one should be under any illusion, this is a bad Bill and I’ve voted against it at every opportunity.  The restrictions it places on workers are draconian especially the extra restrictions it seeks to put on those working in nuclear decommissioning.  The decommissioning work undertaken at Sellafield is of strategic national importance and a great service to the country.

“The highly skilled workforce at Sellafield operate in one of the most hostile and hazardous environments in the world and positive and constructive industrial relations are essential.  The Government’s restrictions could have a profound impact on recruitment to the sector and see huge cost to the taxpayer as a result of project timescales being extended.

“That nuclear decommissioning has been singled out by the Government is plainly wrong and as a result of the Government’s plans, it will see the workforce under more restrictions than many other workers.  That is why I have again written to the Government urging them to think again.”