CUMBRIA FLOODS: Government Confusion Over Flood Support

12022016 Flood ResponseWest Cumbrian MP, Jamie Reed has hit out at the ongoing chaos in the Government’s response to the recent severe weather and flooding.

In a letter to the Prime Minister, Jamie Reed said:

Many of my constituents are facing considerable hardship and the government’s little support to date has been woefully inadequate.  It is unfathomable to my constituents that the government appears not to understand the rules or purpose of the EU Solidarity Fund and therefore the benefits that extra resource could bring.  The evidence to date suggests the government is either delaying in order to miss the deadline or your response to the flooding in my constituency is simply in chaos.

The Government are yet to apply for funding from the EU Solidarity Fund, a fund specifically set up to help communities hit by flooding, and now it is becoming clear that ministers don’t understand the purpose or the rules of the fund.  Ministers have tried to claim that the fund would only reimburse Government spending, but this is not the case.  Any support from the EU would be on top of any support from Government.

This latest development comes in a long line of confusing mixed messages from the Government with Government Departments unsure as to who was responsible for applying for support and ministers using delaying tactics to avoid the subject.

The deadline for applying for funding from the EU is fast approaching and enough is enough for the Copeland MP as he has demanded the Prime Minister gets a grip as thousands of Cumbrians are still recovering from the recent flooding.

Copeland MP, Jamie Reed said:

“Cumbrian residents and businesses are angry at the speed and scale of the government’s response. It was very different in the South West and in Somerset and the truth is that the response so far has been pitiful in comparison to the scale of the crisis.

“Cumbria needs £500m just to stand still, there’s a pathetic devolution deal on the table that offers peanuts and local councils have been crucified.

“For government to refuse to apply for EU funding shows that David Cameron is putting the internal management of the Tory Party above the interests of half a million Cumbrians and this is unforgivable. 

“The government should apply to the fund in the few days that are left before the deadline and at least show the same respect and consideration to Cumbria as was shown to the South West and Somerset. This will not be forgotten.

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