Government Delay Risks Cumbria Flood Support

West Cumbrian MP, Jamie Reed has warned that the Government runs the risk of ‘failing those communities in need’ as a result of not applying for financial support from the EU for flood hit areas.

In the latest in a series of letters to the Prime Minister on the subject, Jamie Reed MP has stated that as the Prime Minister’s renegotiation of Britain’s terms of membership of the EU is complete, there is nothing standing in the way of applying for support.

The rules of the fund state that only Government can apply for the funding and they must do so within 12 weeks of the flooding.  This means the deadline for any application is the end of this week.

Recent weeks have seen the Government in chaos over this issue with Ministers unsure which departments are responsible for any application to the fund and even over what the purpose of the fund is.

Copeland MP, Jamie Reed said:

“The Prime Minister must now put Cumbria first and apply to the EU for support for flood-hit communities.  Now that the Prime Minister has completed his renegotiation with the EU, there is nothing standing in his way.

“Time and again, I’ve written to the Prime Minister encouraging him to apply for this much needed support and the Government’s inaction to date is frankly shameful.  The Government response has been chaotic and it is those in great need that are paying the price.  Communities throughout Cumbria have been hit by devastation and disruption and urgent support is still needed.

“Time is running out, the Government must make any application before the end of February.  The Government has the opportunity to make amends for the confusion and chaos so far by putting Cumbria first and making the case for much needed support.”Letter to the Prime MinisterLetter to the Prime Minister