West Cumbria MP Forces Government U-Turn on EU Flood Cash

25022016 EU SF VICTORYAs the deadline for applying for financial support from the EU Solidarity Fund for flood hit communities fast approaches, the Government have been forced into a dramatic U-turn by Cumbria’s Jamie Reed MP on whether to apply for support.

After much chaos and confusion, the Government have decided to apply for the much needed financial support.

Ever since the recent floods and severe weather, Copeland MP Jamie Reed has pressured the Government to apply for financial support from the European Union.  Repeated letters, parliamentary questions and discussions with Ministers had suggested that the Government were refusing to apply for support, but with just a day before the deadline, Ministers have had a change of heart.

Copeland MP, Jamie Reed said:

“Finally, the Government has seen sense and, after intense pressure from me, will apply for much needed financial support from the European Union Solidarity Fund.

“I’ve repeatedly made the case to the Government of the benefit to Cumbria that could be achieved through accessing this much needed support and I’m glad they’ve finally listened.  The deadline for applying is the end of the week so they’ve cut it fine. 

“We need to be clear, any support from the EU is additional resource for flood-hit communities.  It must not be used by the Government as a substitute for their own responsibilities to those affected.  The Government should be under no illusion of the scale of what is needed.  Cumbria needs half a billion pounds to just stand still without taking into account the resilience and infrastructure improvements that are clearly necessary.

“This important and necessary support from our EU partners further demonstrates the benefit to Cumbria of remaining in the European Union.”


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