Copeland MP Stands Up for Nuclear Workers

04032016 Enterprise Bill AmendmentWest Cumbrian MP, Jamie Reed, alongside other Labour MPs, has tabled an amendment to the Enterprise Bill to stand up for workers in nuclear decommissioning in Cumbria and throughout the country.

Jamie Reed has argued that the Government’s current policy could lead to a ‘brain drain’ as skilled workers may opt to leave before the new rules come into place if exit payments are capped.

The Enterprise Bill limits public sector exit payments, but the Government has made an exemption for bankers and workers in financial services without making an exemption for nuclear workers.  The Copeland MP’s amendment would mean that workers at various nuclear facilities would be exempt.

The Enterprise Bill will be debated in the House of Commons on the afternoon of Tuesday 8th March.

Copeland MP, Jamie Reed said:

“The skilled workforce at Sellafield and other facilities operate in some of the most hostile and hazardous sites in the world.  The skills that the workforce have are crucial to the ongoing nuclear decommissioning work and for future of nuclear in the region.  The Government’s plans in the Enterprise Bill could have a major impact on the workforce.  These skills are incredibly valuable and the Government’s restrictions could result in many workers opting to leave before the Bill comes into force.  This would be disastrous.

“That the Government has chosen to exempt bankers and those who work in financial services from the restrictions placed on public sector workers clearly demonstrates the Government’s priorities.  As the Enterprise Bill currently stands, the Government has turned its back on nuclear workers and that is frankly shameful.

“My amendment to the Enterprise Bill stands up for my constituents and for the nuclear industry.  I’ll be making the case for the Government to think again.”