Infrastructure Investment Crucial for Cumbria

A595Following the publication of High Speed North, the latest report into the Northern Powerhouse by the National Infrastructure Commission, West Cumbrian MP, Jamie Reed has again insisted that significant investment in the road network in Cumbria is crucial for the county.

The report contains only one reference to Cumbria and that is to reference Cumbria’s ports rather than plans for improvements to the road or rail network in West Cumbria.  This comes just one week after the publication of Transport for the North’s Spring 2016 report which contained no improvement works for the A595.

With the potential for economic growth in West Cumbria, local MP, Jamie Reed has said that infrastructure investment is crucial.

Copeland MP, Jamie Reed said:

“West Cumbria is on the verge of a truly transformative era.  The best days for our community are ahead of us.  The potential for economic growth in our region over the coming years is huge, but in order to reach our potential, the Government must invest in our key infrastructure.

“The A595 is not fit for purpose, but report after report into improving infrastructure in the north ignores this.  We are trying to build a 21st Century economy, but are stuck with 20th Century infrastructure.

“In order to reach our economic potential and be a real driver of economic growth for the whole country, the Government must invest in our key infrastructure, especially the A595.”