Alan Johnson MP: West Cumbria “Better Off In”

Jamie Reed MP and Alan JohnsonWest Cumbrian MP Jamie Reed welcomed former Health Secretary and Home Secretary, the Rt Hon Alan Johnson MP, to Whitehaven on Friday to make the case for remaining in the EU.

At an event hosted by the Copeland MP, Alan Johnson spoke about the upcoming referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union, and made the case for remaining in the EU. The former Home Secretary explained that being in the European Union brings jobs, growth and investment to West Cumbria, and that the EU has helped to secure workers rights, whilst also making consumers better off.

As part of the evening, Jamie Reed interviewed Alan Johnson on a range of fascinating topics from his upbringing in London slums, to his political influences, to the future of the Labour Party.                                                                                                                                                 

Copeland MP Jamie Reed said:

 “It was a pleasure to welcome Alan Johnson to Whitehaven.  He made the case that West Cumbria, the North of England and Britain as a whole will be better off by remaining in the European Union.  Since 2007, 11 projects in West Cumbria were part-funded by the EU bringing important investment into our communities.

“Since my becoming an MP in 2005, no member of Government has listened to and acted upon my calls for support for West Cumbria better.

“As a supporter of the campaign to remain in the European Union, I am very grateful to Alan Johnson for ensuring that he took the time out of his busy schedule to make a visit to West Cumbria.”