Copeland MP presses for NHS ‘Success Regime’ Westminster Debate

20042016 Debate ApplicationIn advance of a public meeting on local health services, Copeland MP, Jamie Reed has applied for a debate in the House of Commons to discuss the ’Success Regime’ process in Cumbria.

This follows on from a debate Mr Reed secured in December and comes as he has written to the Government setting out the challenges facing the community and the health services upon which the community relies.

In his letter, he set out the pressures on A&E, primary care, ambulance services and the impact this is having on staff on patients.

If the application for a debate is successful, Jamie Reed intends to press ministers on the ongoing recruitment crisis, the increasing pressure on services, the uncertainty around the Phase 2 of the redevelopment of West Cumberland Hospital and will call upon the Government to commit to providing the ‘Success Regime’ with the funding that is necessary to allow that process to succeed.

Copeland MP, Jamie Reed said:

“After months of passing the buck, of shrugging their shoulders and shirking their responsibilities, it is time for Ministers to do their bit.  This is why I’ve applied for a debate in Parliament; to bring a minister to the floor of the House of Commons where the government will have to face up to the challenges that our local NHS faces.

“Doctors and nurses throughout Cumbria and throughout the country are being pushed to breaking point.  The ongoing recruitment crisis and the pressure on services means workloads are rising and staff are under increasing  pressure.  The Government can’t turn its back on this.  Our NHS workers need support.

“The Success Regime represents a major opportunity for our community to contribute to a process to ensure our services improve and are sustainable for the long term, but Government has to play its part too.  Only by providing the resources that our local NHS desperately needs will the process succeed.  The Government must now commit to providing the funding that is necessary.

“It is crucial to the long term sustainability of local services that Phase Two of the redevelopment of West Cumberland Hospital goes ahead.  The Government has to provide the funding to ensure that the redevelopment of our local hospital into a world class facility can be completed.

“The Government has a responsibility and now it is time for them to step up.”