Health Secretary Rejects Invitation to Visit West Cumbria

Copeland MP: “If he won’t come to us, we’ll go to him”

Following a written invitation from Jamie Reed MP, the Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt MP, has refused to visit West Cumbria in order to listen to the HealthSecconcerns of local people with regard to local NHS services and the Success Regime process. In his letter to the Health Secretary that followed his latest debate in Parliament on Health Services in West Cumbria, Jamie Reed explained that a visit to the area would enable the Health Secretary “to get a deeper understanding of the unique nature of Cumbria and the challenges associated with providing high quality care in the area.”

Despite rejecting the invitation, the Health Secretary is prepared to meet with the Copeland MP in London.

Jamie Reed has again written to the Health Secretary to express dismay at his rejection of the invitation, and the Copeland MP will now invite local health service campaigners to attend the meeting in London.

In addition, as Copeland is England’s most remotely accessible Parliamentary constituency from Westminster, Jamie Reed has asked the Health Secretary to cover the transport costs incurred by the represetatives’ travel to London.

Copeland MP Jamie Reed said:

“If Jeremy Hunt won’t come to us, we’ll go to him.

“Here in West Cumbria, from Millom to Maryport, NHS staff, patients, families and campaigners are working together to feed into the ongoing Success Regime, to address the challenges facing the NHS locally, and to shape a system that will work for our unique part of the world. I want everyone who cares about these issues to contact me with the issues they want to be put before the Health Secretary.

“There has been a long standing refusal from the Government to listen to local concerns but the Government must now listen to the voice of West Cumbrian communities, meet with campaigners, and provide us with the support and resources that we need to realise the bright future that we are all working to build”.