Copeland MP Speaks Out for People Living With Type 1 Diabetes

Diabetes PledgeWest Cumbrian MP Jamie Reed has this week spoken out in Parliament to highlight issues surrounding the availability of care for people with Type 1 Diabetes.

Speaking in a Westminster Hall debate on Diabetes-Related Complications, the Copeland MP citied regional disparities in access to Primary Care for patients of Type 1 Diabetes, and explained that the GP recruitment crisis has seen 40% of trainee places unfilled in some parts of the country.

He went onto explain that there are approximately 500,000 type 1 diabetics in the UK, and asked the responding Minister to ensure that continuous glucose monitors, flash glucose monitors and other emerging diabetic technologies are made available as a right on the NHS for people with type 1 diabetes.

This news comes shortly after the Copeland MP delivered a ‘TAD (Talking About Diabetes) Talk’, one of a series of inspirational talks delivered by individuals in the context of living with diabetes.

Copeland MP Jamie Reed said:

I have long called on the Government to take diabetes seriously by developing a Diabetes Action Plan.

“The NHS does a fantastic job under difficult circumstances to care for and treat patients with Diabetes, but it is clear that the condition must be better understood, and that people with Diabetes require a better service than the one that we currently receive.

“I pledge to continue to campaign for improved access to care and treatment for people living, like me, with Type 1 Diabetes”.