Jamie Reed MP: Government Ministers Insult Our Community

MinistersWest Cumbrian MP Jamie Reed has criticised Andrea Leadsom’s decision to cancel a long arranged meeting with the Civil Nuclear Police Federation, at thirty five minutes’ notice.

The meeting had been scheduled to discuss a number of pressing issues facing the Civil Nuclear Constabulary which affect many of Mr Reed’s constituents working at the Sellafield site, including concerns relating to the retirement age of Civil Nuclear Police Officers. The Copeland MP has previously raised this issue in Parliament by tabling an Early Day Motion calling on Government to extend the pension age of 60 (afforded to Home Office Police) to Civil Nuclear Police Officers.

However, the meeting was cancelled at 35 minutes notice, and the Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change instead chose to attend an interview with Sky News to discuss her ambition to lead the Conservative Party.

This news follows Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s decision to cancel his meeting with West Cumbrian Health campaigners, at short notice, following publicity surrounding his interest in standing to be Leader of the Conservative Party. The Health Secretary has since pulled out of the leadership race.

Copeland MP Jamie Reed said:

Already this week, two Government Ministers have cancelled meetings of critical importance to communities in West Cumbria, in order to persue their much publicised personal ambitions with regard to the leadership of the Conservative party. This will be seen by our community as the insult it surely is.

“Sadly, nobody will be surprised at this behaviour. Our calls for improved infrastructure, health care, schools and more  have fallen on deaf ears, and now Ministers are demonstrating their disregard for West Cumbria by cancelling vital meetings when people affected by Government policies have already begun the six hour journey from Cumbria to Westminster.

“I continue to work night and day to stand up for the interests of West Cumbria in Parliament, and I call upon Government to get a grip and for Ministers to stop putting their personal ambitions above the needs of my community”.