Jamie Reed MP Stands up for Local NHS at PMQs

West Cumbrian MP Jamie Reed has called on Theresa May, during her first Prime Minister’s Questions, to visit Copeland and to intervene to ensure that her Government does not continue to cut services from the West Cumberland Hospital.

PMQsThis news comes shortly after the Copeland MP’s recent letter to the new Prime Minister in which he requested that she intervene to oversee the release of funding for phase two of the redevelopment of the West Cumberland Hospital, and that she make a commitment to ensuring that consultant led services, including Accident and Emergency, Paediatric and other services are retained and improved at the West Cumberland Hospital.

The Copeland MP has been vocal both inside and outside of Parliament about the retention and improvement of consultant led services at the West Cumberland Hospital, and the retention of beds at local community hospitals in Keswick and Millom. He has stated that his community “will never accept, nor forgive the removal of local Health Services”.

The Prime Minister responded by saying that she will look closely at Jamie Reed’s invitation to visit Copeland.

In his question to the Prime Minister, Copeland MP Jamie Reed said (check against delivery):

“As someone with Type 1 diabetes and as a father and uncle to children with the condition, on behalf of 500,000 Britons, 30,000 of them children, can I thank the PM for the example she has set in proving that in no way should this condition hold anyone back in any way.

“The PM’s predecessor left the NHS in a much worse state than he found it. Will the PM now honour his promises to the NHS and to smaller district general hospitals in particular and will she please both visit and intervene to ensure that her government does not continue to cut services from the West Cumberland Hospital in my constituency?”