Jamie Reed Calls Upon Government to Radically Improve Type 1 Diabetes Care


West Cumbrian MP Jamie Reed is calling on the Government to invest more in research into Type 1 Diabetes.
This comes after an answer to a Written Parliamentary Question Mr Reed submitted revealed the Government does not know how much funding it has allocated to the research of this life-changing condition.
In 2014/15 the Department of Health’s National Inistitute for Health Research spent £30.8million on research relating to metabolic and endocrine diseases. However, Former Life Sciences Minister George Freeman said in his answer, that it is not possible for spend on specific diseases to be separated from total infrastructure expenditure.
Jamie Reed MP is calling for new Prime Minsiter Theresa May, to commit to investing in specific research on Type 1 Diabetes, in order to ensure those with the condition have access to the most up-to-date technologies and care on the NHS.

Copeland MP Jamie Reed said:

“I welcome Theresa May as the first Prime Minister with Type Slide11 diabetes. Her premiership proves that Type 1 diabetes should in no way hold anyone back.
 That the Government cannot tell us how much of taxpayers money has been invested in research into Type 1 diabetes is concerning: hundreds of thousands of British people living with the condition will want to know why this is the case.
I sincerely hope that under Theresa May’s new Leadership, the Government will become more transparent about the way they invest taxpayers money in health research.
The Department for Health must assure ordinary working people that it’s using their taxes for the public good and that money is going where it should and for the effectiveness of this money to be measured. The long term costs to the NHS and the long term outcomes for people living with this condition could be radically improved if better access to new technologies and treatments was made available.
As someone with Type 1 diabetes herself, I hope that the Prime Minister will ensure that the Department of Health and the NHS does what is necessary so that the best possible care is available to all with this life-changing condition.”

You can read Jamie’s Written Parliamentary Question here.