Copeland MP Hits Out at Public Health Spending Inequalities

West Cumbrian MP Jamie Reed has spoken out against the news that Government Public Health spending in Cumbria will see a reduction per head of population, each year until at least 2018.Public Health Spending

Government figures reveal that in 2015/16, local authority allocations per head in Cumbria were £40, whereas the allocation for 2016/17 will fall to £39 per head, falling again in 2017/18 to £38 per head.

Meanwhile, Kensington and Chelsea received an allocation of £145 per head of population in 2015/16, and Blackpool received £137 per head of population in the same year. That’s over three times the public health spending per head of population as in Cumbria.

Copeland MP Jamie Reed said:

“I call upon Government to explain immediately why Cumbria receives so little public health funding per head compared to other local authorities, and to provide local communities with the resources that we need to improve public health in our part of the world.

“It is unacceptable that Cumbria receives just £40 of public health funding per head, whereas local authorities like Kensington and Chelsea receive over thrice that amount, at £145 per head.

“Cumbria faces a number of serious health inequalities and Government have continually let our communities down by refusing to act to address these complex issues. What is clear is that Cumbria deserves a better deal”.