Copeland MP Jamie Reed backs ‘Missing Type’ donor campaign

2336 people in the Copeland constituency are active blood donors, aMissing Type infographic[1]ccording to data contained in the NHS Blood and Transplant records. With just 2.9% of residents giving blood, local MP Jamie Reed is supporting the ‘Missing Type’ campaign which aims to increase the number of transplant and blood donors in the area.

As part of the campaign, supporters everywhere are removing the letters A, B and O from their names on social media to raise awareness of the ‘missing types’.

Moreover, the donor list in Copeland has 26,738 people signed up to the scheme which enables donors to donate their organs after their death, to save the life of any number of people on the active transplant list. This is relatively low compared to other constituencies in England, with only 110 others having less organ donors than Copeland.

Jamie Reed MP is calling upon constituents of Copeland who are able to do so, to sign up to give blood and to become an organ donor to help to save the lives of others. Those interested in getting involved with the campaign can use the hashtag ≠MissingType on social media, or go to to sign up as a donor.

The ‘Missing Type’ campaign was first held in 2015 to raise awareness of a blood shortage across England, with the aim of securing blood donations for future generations.

Copeland MP Jamie Reed said:

“I am delighted to support the incredibly important ‘Missing Type’ campaign. Thirty-four percent of residents in Copeland are registered as organ donors, but only three percent are blood donors. I encourage all constituents who are able to do so, to consider helping others by signing up to become a blood and organ donor.

“There is a desperate need for blood donors to help people with a range of illnesses, those undergoing operations, and even mothers during childbirth who may have lost blood.

“I encourage all constituents who can donate blood to do so. Together we can help to ‘fill in the gaps’ for future generations.”