Sellafield: BBC Panorama, Copeland MP Granted ‘Urgent Question’ in Parliament

Copeland MP Jamie Reed has responded to the BBC Panorama investigation into Sellafield, which was broadcast on the evening of Monday 5th September.

PanoramaMr Reed has submitted and been granted an Urgent Question, which will require Government to attend Parliament later today (Tuesday 6th September at around 12:30pm) to respond to the investigation.

As part of his question, which was submitted to the Speaker of the House of Commons, Jamie Reed states that “I therefore believe it to be in the interests of my constituents, the Sellafield workforce, wider community and country as a whole for Government to provide an urgent update on the Sellafield programme and respond to the allegations made within the programme”.

Copeland MP, Jamie Reed said:

“The safety and security of Sellafield are the most important considerations of everyone working at the site. Safety is non-negotiable and as a former, third-generation Sellafield worker, I know that the Sellafield workforce is acutely aware of its responsibilities towards the entire community.

“Sellafield is a unique site hosting a unique, complex set of engineering challenges. In my opinion, these represent the most difficult engineering challenges anywhere in the world.

“Sellafield is a publically owned site. The work of the NDA, Sellafield Ltd and the rest of the supply chain is work undertaken in the national interest using public money. Public accountability for this work should not only be welcomed but insisted upon.

“It’s crucial that everyone in the local community – and nationally – understands the work that is taking place at Sellafield, how much it costs the taxpayer, why the work is being done and more. Moreover, it’s vitally important that this is understood in a comprehensive and accurate way. The challenges arising at Sellafield have occurred over decades and it will take decades to remediate the site. Progress is being made, but there is much more to do.

“This is why I have submitted an application for an urgent Parliamentary question to the Speaker of the House of Commons. Safety, security and accountability are non-negotiable. The more the challenges facing Sellafield are understood, the better for us all.

“I welcome the interest in Sellafield that Panorama has generated and I hope that this leads to a better understanding of the complex issues facing the Copeland community, the NDA, Sellafield Ltd and of the unique strategic importance of Copeland to the United Kingdom.”