Copeland MP Questions Prime Minister Over Maternity Statement

West Cumbrian MP, Jamie Reed, has today tabled a Parliamentary Question to the Prime Minister, following her statement this week that “what matters is a safe maternity service for mother and baby”.

infographicqThe Prime Minister made the statement during this week’s Prime Minister’s Questions, when Victoria Prentis, MP for Banbury, questioned the Prime Minister on the recruitment of Obstetricians to the Horton General Hospital.

The Copeland MP has asked the Prime Minister “if she will ensure that 24-hour consultant led maternity services are retained at the West Cumberland Hospital so that the people of West Cumbria will be able to access a ‘safe maternity service for mother and baby’”.

This news follows the recent trip by Health Minister, Phillip Dunne MP, who visited the West Cumberland Hospital last week and saw for himself the dangers of removing 24-hour consultant led services, including maternity, from the West Cumberland Hospital.

 Jamie Reed MP has encouraged local people to engage with and respond to the Success Regime public consultation, which sets out the regime’s preferred options for the future of local health services.

Copeland MP, Jamie Reed said:

“Following her statement on the importance of maternity safety, the Prime Minister must now turn her words into actions by intervening to ensure the retention of consultant led maternity services at the West Cumberland Hospital.

“At her first Prime Minister’s questions, I asked Theresa May to visit the West Cumberland Hospital to see for herself the damage being caused by the policies of her government, and I write regularly to her, calling on her to provide us with the resources that we need to build a health economy to overcome the unique challenges that we face here in West Cumbria. To date, I am yet to receive a reply.

“However, a Government Minister has now seen for himself that the removal of 24-hour consultant led services from the West Cumberland Hospital would be dangerous. Assurances have been given by the Health Secretary to maternity services in North Devon, which is also subject to the Success Regime process, and now is the time for assurances to also be afforded to the people of West Cumbria. To continue to refuse to intervene immediately would not only be discourteous, it would be irresponsible and could cost lives.”