Jamie Reed MP to Host Health Service Street Stall With Theresa Griffin MEP

West Cumbrian MP, Jamie Reed, has today announced that he will hold a market stall in Whitehaven on Saturday 29th October. He will be joined by Theresa Griffin, Member of European Parliament for the North West of England.

theresa-griffin-mepThe purpose of the stall will be to discuss with shoppers the community campaign to retain and improve local Health Services, and to encourage them to respond to the ongoing Success Regime consultation.

The Success Regime, which has been appointed by Government to find solutions to the problems faced by Cumbria’s challenged Health economy, has published its formal consultation document and the Copeland MP has encouraged local people to make their feelings clear on the retention and improvement of local services by submitting their own responses to the consultation.

Jamie Reed has raised serious concerns about Success Regime proposals, including those to remove 24-hour consultant led services, including maternity, A&E, pediatric and stroke services from the West Cumberland Hospital. In his response to the consultation, he will draw a line through the maternity proposals and write “24hr CLU @WCH”. He is actively encouraging his constituents to do the same.

This news comes shortly after the Copeland MP stated that the Prime Minister exposed the process as “an expensive sham”, by her refusal to assure a 24-hour consultant led maternity services at the West Cumberland Hospital, writing instead in a letter to Jamie Reed that “…the Success Regime considers a general consensus exists amongst clinicians that a consultant-led maternity unit is unsustainable in Whitehaven”. This statement came shortly after a Health Minister’s visit to the hospital, during which time he met with two new mothers who had been admitted as low risk cases, but experienced unforeseen difficulties, and for whom the transfer to Carlisle would have resulted in fatal consequences.

The street stall will take place this Saturday, 29th October, at 13:30-15:30 at the Whitehaven Marketplace.

Copeland MP, Jamie Reed said:

“I am delighted that Theresa Griffin will visit Whitehaven on Saturday to meet local people with me, and to discuss our local Health Service campaign. Theresa is a staunch advocate of Cumbria, she visits us regularly, and she works incredibly hard in the European Parliament on our behalf.

“Here in West Cumbria, we are working hard to build the bright future that we have been working towards for over a decade. Ultimately it is the Government that will decide upon the changes to hospital services in Cumbria, and I therefore continue to work every day inside and outside of Parliament to ensure that Government is aware of the dangers of removing vital 24-hour consultant led services from the West Cumberland Hospital. I refuse to allow the Government to continue to ignore the needs of West Cumbrians.

“It is important that local people understand the proposals that are being put forward to asset strip our new hospital, and that they respond to the consultation, therefore ensuring that West Cumbria’s voice is heard loud and clear as part of this process.

“I look forward to speaking with local people on Saturday, and for those who can’t make it, I am always available on email at jamie.reed.mp@parliament.uk”.