Success Regime Refuses to Publish Correspondence with Top Legal Firm

The West, North and East Cumbria Success Regime have refused sra request by West Cumbrian MP Jamie Reed, to release copies of all correspondence between top law firm, Capsticks, and the Regime.

This news comes as an answer to a Parliamentary Question, tabled by Jamie Reed, reveals that the total expenditure by the Success Regime has thus far been £1.2 million, £774,000 of which was spent on consultancy fees, and £20,000 on legal advice.

The request for copies of the legal advice came from the local MP came in the form of a Freedom of Information request to the Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group, which is part of the Success Regime and has the legal responsibility for undertaking the Success Regime consultation.

The Copeland MP has expressed his dismay that the Regime has chosen not to release the correspondence to the public.

Copeland MP, Jamie Reed said:

“I am disappointed that the Success Regime has refused to disclose copies of correspondence with the Capsticks Law Firm. In the interests of openness with the Cumbrian public, and to demonstrate what our £20,000 is being spent on, I would have hoped that the information would have been published.

“Secrecy about NHS service reconfiguration has been a real concern nationwide in relation to Sustainable Transformation Plans, and it’s of vital importance that the public are made aware of all communications had by the Regime, including with law firms, about the future of our local services. 

“I have now submitted a follow up request to ascertain how much public money has been spent by the Success Regime on legal advice.”