Jamie Reed MP Urges Prime Minister to ‘Get a map’ as She Refuses Copeland MP’s Invitation for Cabinet Visit

The Prime Minister, Theresa May, has refused to accept an invitation from West Cumbrian MP Jamie Reed for the Cabinet to visit the Copeland ccabinetonstituency. 

The Copeland MP issued the invitation by way of Parliamentary Question to the Prime Minister in the hope that she would arrange a visit of her Cabinet, so that Government could see the need for cross departmental, joined up working to support local communities to overcome challenges and to fulfil their potential.

This news comes shortly after the Copeland MP wrote to the Chancellor to call for investments, which were not delivered in the recent Autumn Statement, in West Cumbrian health services, infrastructure, flood prevention, education and Britain’s Energy Coast.

Copeland MP, Jamie Reed said:

“I am disappointed that the Prime Minister has refused to accept my invitation for the Cabinet to visit Copeland.

“The recent Autumn Statement demonstrated that Government has failed to deliver for West Cumbria, meaning that once again we have been left out, let down and locked out.

“I had hoped that the Prime Minister would have looked favourably upon the invitation, which would have seen Government visit my constituency to see for itself our considerable need for support, our unparalleled potential, and to understand the need for joined up working.

“Here in West Cumbria, our best days are ahead of us, but Government must step up, recognise that we’re here, that we’re strategically important, and provide us with the support that we need.

Schools, the NHS, our transport infrastructure, care for older people, child poverty – you name it, the Government is letting us down. Theresa May should get a map, find Cumbria and recognise how her government is failing the entire County.”