Jamie Reed MP Resignation


Today I am writing to hand in my letter of resignation as Copeland’s MP. Serving as the MP for Copeland over the last 12 years has been a privilege and an honour.


As you will know, it was my intention to resign at the end of January to take up my role at Sellafield. However in light of the additional by-election in Stoke, I have decided to hand in my resignation early so that both by-elections can take place at the same time.


It will now be a decision for the party about when the writ is moved and the by-election is officially triggered.


As my last act as an MP, I  want to implore the people of Copeland to vote for Labour’s Gillian Troughton as my replacement. This by-election is about the Tory Government’s dangerous proposals for the NHS. The Tories have created a crisis in the NHS and, as a result, the future of West Cumberland Hospital and the services provided by Keswick Hospital are under threat.


If Copeland elects a Conservative Member of Parliament it will be a vote for everything they have planned for the health service in West Cumbria. The Tories will use it to cut our NHS services. We cannot have people not being able to access their A&E or having to travel miles on potentially dangerous roads to give birth.