Fighting Off Hemorrhoids Naturally

With the pain and irritation that hemorrhoids cause, there are several possibilities to help to be sure they don’t irritate you.  Not only are there several natural treatments for hemorrhoids, but there are also certain procedures you can do to make sure that they don’t irritate you or become a serious problem.  Knowing about the different methods you can take will help you to begin fighting hemorrhoids naturally. 

The first thing that you can do to help relieve the pain of hemorrhoids is to put an ice pack on the area that is causing the pain.  This will help to reduce the swelling that is occurring from the blood vessels.  It may also help provide a treatment for the burning and itching that is associated with hemorrhoids.  If you decide to use an ice pack, it will only relieve the burning while it is attached to the area.  A second recommended treatment for hemorrhoids is to take a Sitz bath.  This is best done immediately after the bowel movement.  The actions that you take while your digestive system is functioning are also important.  This causes the hemorrhoids to become irritated.  It also means that you may be straining too much to help your digestion.  If you are sitting for a longtime at work or at home, it is important to take frequent breaks and walk around.  If your hemorrhoids are bothering you, it is best to walk at least once every hour for five minutes.  This will relieve the pressure on that specific area.  A special “donut” pillow helps to ease pressure on your rectum.  On the other hand, if you are standing consistently, it is best to take frequent breaks to sit, as this can also cause pressure.  If you are lifting, especially heavy objects, you should make sure you are not straining or holding your breath, as this will apply added pressure. 

By having small bowel movements, you will help your blood vessels to be relieved of pressure.  You can also help prevent the hemorrhoids from flaring up.  If your hemorrhoids are causing irritation or pain, several procedures can prevent the pain, irritation, or swelling of your hemorrhoids.     

Treating hemorrhoids naturally and adjusting your lifestyle may save you many doctor visits or surgery in the future. 

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