Personal Independence Payments

The Government announcement, as contained in the Budget statement, to reduce Personal Independence Payments (PIP) paid to people living with a disability was a cruel attack on the dignity of the 2490 disabled people living in West Cumbria who receive PIP. The measure would have cost them an average of £3,500 per year. I strongly opposed the proposed measure and I spoke in Parliament in opposition to the Chancellor’s Budget. My speech can be found online here.

Whilst the Government have backtracked on this announcement recently, any attack on disabled people is unacceptable and I will continue to oppose any proposals which will negatively impact the most vulnerable in our society.

I am also very concerned by the Government’s changes to Employment and Support Allowance as contained in the Welfare Reform and Work Bill, which will reduce the amount paid to those in the Work Related Activities Group (WRAG) to the same rate as Jobseeker’s Allowance. That’s an extremely concerning reduction from £102.15 to £73.10 per week.

This is yet another cruel attack on those who are unable to work due to illness. It will affect over 1500 people in West Cumbria, and I will continue to oppose it vehemently in Parliament. You may be interested in reading the Parliamentary Questions that I have already put to Government on this issue here and here, and more information on my opposition to this cruel Government measure can be found here.