Reasons for Getting Plastic Surgery

Reasons for Getting Plastic Surgery

Reasons for Getting Plastic Surgery – Chin Augmentation

As a plastic surgeon there’s constant questions they get about getting different types of plastic of surgery.

The only reason someone should get plastic surgery is to please themselves not for someone else. If you’re getting plastic surgery to please someone else it’s a decision you will most likely regret later. It’s like getting matching tatoo’s when you’re in a relationship but once the relationship ends the tatoo is associated with bad memories, and you will want that removed, the only difference with this and a tatoo is that plastic surgery is more permanent then even a tattoo, so you should make sure this is something you believe will enhance your life before going forward with it.

The quesion Sue poses below is a question Beverly Hill Plastic Surgery clinics get  asked hundreds of times a year.

Sue is interested in getting chin augmentation, the main reason Sue wants to get a chin augmentation is for the right reasons which is doing it for herself, because she has to live the results and look at herself in the mirror everyday.

As Sue understands plastics surgery can definately enhance one’s confidence greatly, this is a great reason for getting plastic surgery to feel more confident in who you are.

Question from Sue:

I am thinking of getting plastic surgery. I would like to get a chin augmentation. I want to know what everyone thinks about that. I am getting it for myself, and no anybody else. I think it would give me more confidence.

  • She’s getting plastic surgery for herself
  • She knows it’ll enhance her confidence
  • She has an irregular chin she wants to fix

There’s something irregular about her chin which makes her stand out and she doesn’t want the attention she constantly gets as a result of this imperfection, this is a good reason to seek the help of a Beverly Hills plastic surgery clinic.

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